IRD, Revera to modernise NZ tax system

IRD, Revera to modernise NZ tax system

The Inland Revenue (IRD) has announced it will be working with New Zealand company Revera to design and supply the new tax and social policy system.

Revera, a subsidiary of Spark, is a leading provider in cloud-delivered data centre services, and the IRD's deputy commissioner of change Greg James, says the data centres contract is a significant part of updating and modernising tax and social policy administration.

"We are delighted that the data centre's contract has been awarded to a New Zealand company. At a value of $45-60 million over 10 years, it will be one of the programme's biggest and is certainly the largest contract to date to be awarded to a New Zealand company."

He says the changes will help create a simpler and more cost effective tax system while also making it more user-friendly for New Zealand businesses.

Spark Digital CEO Tim Miles, says the IRD's initiative to update the tax system will have positive outcomes for Government and Kiwis.

He says the Revera team is excited to be involved in an innovative project.

The new centre is set to start coming online next month will play host to essential services including the new tax system named START (Simplified Tax and Revenue technology).

Mr James says an initial detailed design of the new data centre service has been unveiled and it will mean that fewer servers and less storage will be needed to run the

The IRD's current FIRST system will co-exist with the new START system as they begin to transition.