NZ proves attractive to Aussie workers

  • 15/02/2016

Aussie workers are catching a whiff of opportunity in New Zealand and it's proving tempting for some, a new survey says.

Almost one in three full-time Australian workers say they would consider moving across the ditch, according to an online survey of 1004 people by recruitment agent CareerOne.

About a third of survey participants said New Zealand's career opportunities, strong economy and cost of living were attractive.

High Aussie earners were the most interested in crossing the Tasman, with more than a third earning NZ$161,000 and over considering the idea.

Families with young children were also keen to hear what New Zealand had to offer.

CareerOne chief executive Ben Foote said New Zealand had become very attractive to Australian workers.

"After years of being the subject of jokes about the number of Kiwis in Australia, the tide seems to be turning," he said.

New Zealanders will continue to travel and work overseas, including to Australia, but there is now a clear two-way flow and it's unlikely to slow down.