Super Bowl financial bonanza for US economy

Super Bowl financial bonanza for US economy

It is the 50th Super Bowl on Monday. The Carolina Panthers will take on the Denver Broncos.

It is a massive sporting event and a financial bonanza.

The game itself will generate US$620 million in revenue for the National Football League. That exceeds the previous record for a one-day sporting event, set by the Floyd Mayweather -- Manny Pacquiao fight last year, which netted US$600 million.

The Super Bowl will generate US$15 billion for the wider American economy.

Tickets for the final were sold at face value for between US$850 and US$1,800. But they were hard to get and are now being sold on the secondary market for an average price of US$5,000.

Around 118 million Americans watched last year’s game on TV. But there are estimates this year’s audience could reach 180 million.

American viewers will spend an estimated US$82 each on electronics, clothing, food and drinks.

The halftime show usually out-rates the game itself. This year Coldplay are headlining, with a guest appearance by Beyonce.

The band will not be paid. After all, this is great publicity for their upcoming American tour.