Super Bowl financial bonanza for US economy

  • 05/02/2016
Super Bowl financial bonanza for US economy

It is the 50th Super Bowl on Monday. The Carolina Panthers will take on the Denver Broncos.

It is a massive sporting event and a financial bonanza.

The game itself will generate US$620 million in revenue for the National Football League. That exceeds the previous record for a one-day sporting event, set by the Floyd Mayweather -- Manny Pacquiao fight last year, which netted US$600 million.

The Super Bowl will generate US$15 billion for the wider American economy.

Tickets for the final were sold at face value for between US$850 and US$1,800. But they were hard to get and are now being sold on the secondary market for an average price of US$5,000.

Around 118 million Americans watched last year’s game on TV. But there are estimates this year’s audience could reach 180 million.

American viewers will spend an estimated US$82 each on electronics, clothing, food and drinks.

The halftime show usually out-rates the game itself. This year Coldplay are headlining, with a guest appearance by Beyonce.

The band will not be paid. After all, this is great publicity for their upcoming American tour.