5 financial tips for your debt-ridden mates


Have you got a friend who is drowning debt? Transfers one credit card balance to another or is always on the scrounge for a few bucks?

Save your mate with a few well intentioned money tips and maybe it's their shout next time.

1. You need to save. Sorry, 'save' is a nasty word but if you make it come out of your pay automatically it's less painful. The Commission for Financial Capability suggests 10 percent, but even if it's a smaller amount, it grows over time. Get started!

2. The 'emergency fund'.  No one expects the unexpected, but when it does knock on the door be ready. So ideally put away enough that would cover three months of regular expenses.

3. Trim your debt. This one is for that debt ridden friend. Tell them to cut out that high interest credit card, consolidate loans into a lower interest rate and repay more than the minimum.

4. Shop around. If you are borrowing money, hit the high street looking for the best money bargains. Look for lower interest rates and lower fees, like annual credit card fees.

5. Set goals. This can be short -- I want a new gaming console, I need a holiday. Or longer term -- a new car or house deposit. Goals help you focus rather than spend.

Final tip... if you reach a goal, don't forget to celebrate your success. Celebrate too much and you are back at the beginning -- but if your mate's buying, it would be rude not to join in!


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