Apple launches support Twitter account

  • 04/03/2016
(Getty file)
(Getty file)

By Melissa Fares and Anjali Athavaley

Apple Inc has launched a new Twitter account dedicated to customer support, a move that expanded the company's social media presence and prompted immediate reaction from users complaining about their devices.

The tech giant said in a tweet on Thursday, under the handle @applesupport, that it would provide tips and tricks to users online.

The new account prompted immediate cheers on Twitter.

Apple users have already sought to take advantage of the new avenue for customer support, with the handle nabbing more than 48,000 followers.

The account illustrates how Apple is expanding its social media presence, which has so far been minimal. The company does not have its own corporate Twitter account. But last year, it created a support account called @AppleMusicHelp to assist users with downloading tunes and creating playlists.

So far that account has 18,000 followers.

A Twitter spokesman was not available for comment.