SFO investigating Auckland taxi operator

SFO investigating Auckland taxi operator

A court battle between Auckland Co-operative Taxis (ACT) and one of its drivers has revealed the company is under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO).

According to court documents published online by the National Business Review, ACT is trying to get Ranbir Singh -- a former ACT board member -- struck off its driver register for "unbecoming" actions.

Mr Singh alleges ACT has been overcharging fares and giving some drivers preferential treatment. Calling himself a "whistleblower", Mr Singh has "disclosed information to the police, Serious Fraud Office, Human Rights Commission, Auditor-General and others", the document reads.

The SFO confirmed to the paper an investigation was underway into ACT, but would not comment further.

Mr Singh says his employment is at risk because of the allegations.

A spokesperson for ACT could not be reached for comment.