Work out your money personality

Work out your money personality

The Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC) has launched a new online quiz so you can work out your money personality.

The light-hearted quiz on is aimed at helping people identify their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to managing money. It was created by a clinical psychologist.

The questions in the quiz include your attitude to paying bills and how often you lose your wallet. Each of the 25 questions feature two potential answers.

Based on your answers you are given a money personality. There are sixteen personalities ranging from 'Money Maestro' to 'Money Mechanic' to 'Entrepreneur'.

There is advice for each personality. It is also possible to take the test again if you want to change any answers.

It is also possible to scroll through all 16 personality types and review the profile for each.

The CFFC has just revamped the website, which features a wide range of financial advice on everything from budgeting, to debt management, to KiwiSaver.

There are a range of calculators and tools to help control debt, choose investments and set goals for retirement.

The commission is also involved in providing money education in workplaces and schools.

In both cases it is trying to help people in a way that is jargon-free. Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell believes jargon is one of the barriers that prevents many people from becoming more savvy with their money.