7 new air service agreements in the works

  • 05/04/2016
(Simon Wong / Newshub)
(Simon Wong / Newshub)

New Zealand is set to sign new air service agreements with seven countries.

An air service agreement, sometimes called an air transport agreement, is an agreement which two nations sign to allow international commercial air transport services between their territories.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges says cabinet has signed off the agreements with Israel, Mauritius, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan and Portugal.

They were negotiated at the International Civil Aviation Conference in Turkey last October.

Mr Bridges says the agreements will pave the way for airlines to operate new routes in and out of New Zealand, creating more links with the rest of the world.

"Growing competition and increasing the number of available seats can be expected to drive down prices and give prospective visitors to New Zealand more choices," he said.

New Zealand has more than 70 air service agreements in place, with 17 new air routes announced in the past year.