A slice of good news for pizza fans

A slice of good news for pizza fans

Two new offerings from restaurants in Korea and the US prove it beyond doubt -- we are living in the golden age of pizza, a food as terrific as it is calorific.

Firstly, from Seoul restaurant The Place, we have 'The Bomb'.

Take a giant dome of dough, with the topping inside. Douse it with alcohol and squid ink and set it on fire. Once it cools, cut it open with scissors, and voila: pizza.

If it's done right -- and really, what could go wrong? -- the intense heat cooks the cheese inside to perfection. Or it explodes in your face. Either way, it's something you probably haven't had before.

The Bomb first appeared on the menu last year, but has exploded in popularity in the last fortnight.

On the other side of the world, Vinnie's Pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York, is now serving pizzas that come inside other pizzas.

Yes, the box is also a pizza. And no, you can't have it delivered -- that would be as messy as Seoul's pizza bomb gone wrong. It's pick-up only.

It's not the first time Vinnie's has gone all Inception with its offerings -- last year the pizzeria offered a pizza pizza. A normal-sized pizza with little pizzas as the topping.

Your move, Domino's. 

A slice of good news for pizza fans

Oh, right.