Kiwis opt for extra layers over heating


As the weather turns colder, many of us will be relying on electric blankets and heaters.

But a new survey's found many Kiwis opt for extra layers, over heating to save on power bills.

Surviving the winter can be tough but these Auckland flatmates won't be relying on heating to stay warm.

"We sort of try to just use blankets, jerseys, close the curtains, that sort of thing," says Georgie.

They're among the 44 percent of Kiwis opting for extra layers over electric heating, in a bid to keep their power bill down.

"Couple pairs of socks, couple jumpers probably the way to go for me," says Mitch.

For most of the group it's their first year flatting, and dealing with electricity expenses is a new hurdle.

"It's definitely something that I take into consideration now because I know that the money's coming straight out of my account so I'm very aware of it," says Georgie.

A new survey also found 19 percent of flat arguments related to lights being left on, and like many flats there's always one culprit.

"I'll quite often leave the light on, especially in my room because it's quite dark downstairs," says Mitch.

And then there's that other flatmate who tells them to switch it off.

"It is frustrating when you come home at night and everyone's asleep and the house is lit up like a Christmas tree, it's like come on guys, it's not hard to just flip the switch on your way up to bed," says Will.

Fifty-seven percent of Kiwis alter their electricity habits by doing things like switching appliances off when they're not using them to save money on their bill.

This flat isn't too fazed about that but some are still conscious that every switch counts.

"I won't turn the lights on until I definitely have to at night," says Lucy.

Except of course, for one guy.

"My flatmate who lives next door to me he always walks past and tells me that my light's always on, so I often get an ear battering from him," says Mitch.

But with winter just around the corner they're not ruling out some extra help to stay warm.

"If worse comes to worse and the heater has to come out then it's just go to be like that," says Lucy.

That's if the rest of the flat agrees.