New special housing areas announced

  • 07/04/2016
Len Brown and Nick Smith in March (Getty)
Len Brown and Nick Smith in March (Getty)

Thirty-six new special housing areas have been announced for Auckland, mainly in the Maungakiekie-Tamaki and Henderson-Massey local board areas.

There will also be extensions added to six current sites for more houses.

Just over 3900 dwellings have been granted consented in the first quarter of the Auckland Housing Accord's third year, bringing the total to more than 27,000.

Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith says this puts Auckland Council on track to meet its building targets.

"This latest report shows that we are on target to achieve the 39,000 new houses and sections over three years," says Dr Smith.

"We have achieved 27,708 as compared to a target at this time of 26,250. We are seeing the longest and strongest growth period in Auckland housing averaging 26.5 percent per year since the accord was signed." 

Auckland is growing by around 820 new residents each week.

"While we obviously still need more homes built, this 10th tranche of special housing areas brings the total in Auckland to 154, with a potential yield of approximately 56,000 new homes across Auckland," says Mayor Len Brown.

"These are impressive figures that have only been made possible thanks to the joint effort from central and local Government."

The Government has so far invested $3.4 billion in residential housing in Auckland.

10th tranche of Auckland Special Housing areas