Avocado sales reach record $41M

  • 26/05/2016
Avocado sales reach record $41M

Annoyed by the cost of avocados? Well, it hasn't seemed to deter the country from stocking the kitchen with nature's butter.

Kiwis' love for avocados has been spread across paper in today's release of record breaking sales for this season.

"In New Zealand, demand is growing at a phenomenal rate and we are seeing the emergence of diehard avocado lovers," Chief Executive of NZ Avocado Jen Scoular said.

"Avocados are becoming a highly valued fruit due to their amazing health benefits."

Domestic sales reached $41 million for the 2015/16 season breaking the record for our local market, despite a much smaller crop.

"Five years ago the New Zealand market achieved between $15 million and $20 million annually, without ever getting much above that. This year's return of $41 million is 25 percent above last year's return of $31.8 million and shows year on year growth of 17 percent since 2011," Ms Scoular said.

She credits strong industry collaboration, good communication, information sharing and jointly implemented promotional activities for the results.

But it isn't just Kiwis who love the big green berry -- international exports to Australia and Asia reached almost $135 million.

And for those dreaming of greener avocado fields, there's hope! Next season begins in August and the yield is expected to be much greater, improving supply which will likely drive down costs.


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