Credit agencies criticised by Privacy Comm

  • 13/05/2016
Privacy Commissioner John Edwards (Newshub.)
Privacy Commissioner John Edwards (Newshub.)

Major credit agencies have been criticised by the Privacy Commissioner for not being more helpful to Kiwis who want to access their credit reports without the internet.

While all three of the major agencies - Veda, Centrix and, Dun and Bradstreet - delivered reports within the required timeframe when requested via their websites, there were delays when using other mediums.

Requests made by phone, mail or in person took longer or did not arrive at all.

"People who make information requests through offline methods have the same access rights as people who make requests through online methods," Privacy Commissioner John Edwards says.

"When consumers are not able to use online methods, agencies need to assist them to make valid requests through other channels."

In some cases, when a response arrived within the 20 day requirement, it directed them to make their requests online.

Centrix had the fast turnaround rate for credit reports with 5.6 working days, the commissioner found by using mystery shoppers.

Dun and Bradstreet took 10 and a half working days and Veda more than 16.