First Stonewood homeowners receive keys

  • 05/05/2016
First Stonewood homeowners receive keys

The new owners of Christchurch's Stonewood Homes have handed over the keys to the first house finished since the company came out of receivership.

The Whittle family was one of 196 homeowners left with half-built houses when Stonewood went under in February.

Their home in Rolleston was four weeks away from completion; three months later, it's finally finished.

"It's week nine-slash-ten for us," says Clint Webber of Stonewood Homes.

"I think we've got the whole company back on track and we're now processing new sales, and we're now starting new builds, which is fantastic."

Stonewood says another 15 homes will be finished by the end of the month, with all outstanding builds completed by September.