Ford's PowerShift transmission causing 'problems globally'

EcoSport SUV (Getty)
EcoSport SUV (Getty)

Ford owners are being urged to let the company know if they've having trouble with their new vehicle, no matter how minor.

Yesterday an Australian law firm proposed a class action against the US-based manufacturer, saying its 'PowerShift' transmission technology is "defective".

"Like so many new and clever ideas, it worked a lot better in the laboratory than it did in the real world," says Clive Matthew-Wilson, editor of car rating publication The Dog and Lemon Guide.

"The minute this transmission hit the road, there have been problems globally."

Australian-based Bannister Law says the PowerShift transmission "slips, bucks, jerks, and harshly engages when driven". Cars affected include the Fiesta hatchback, Focus and the EcoSport SUV.

"Anything that causes the vehicle to stop without warning or to behave strangely is a risk. Just something as simple as you slowing down can trigger an accident," says Mr Matthew-Wilson.

Bannister Law is aiming for full refunds. Mr Matthew-Wilson says anyone having issues with their new Ford needs to let the company know.

"Customers have a right to have a vehicle that's running properly."

Ford NZ said yesterday said PowerShift had a "unique" feel, and it has already "addressed the majority of our customers' questions".

The company urged buyers with concerns to contact their local dealer.