Southern Hemisphere's only Aston Martin Vulcan unveiled

Tony Quinn's Aston Martin Vulcan (Simon Darby)
Tony Quinn's Aston Martin Vulcan (Simon Darby)

New Zealand's most expensive new car has been unveiled.

Tony Quinn acknowledges it won't make sense to many people, but has no reservations about spending $4.3 million on his new car.

The Aston Martin Vulcan -- which was unveiled tonight at Mr Quinn's own race track, Highlands Park in Cromwell -- is one of only 24 in the world and the only one sold in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Aberdeen-raised businessman amassed his considerable and self-made fortune in the pet food business, mainly in Australia, but has lived on-and-off in New Zealand for the past 20 years.

"It probably doesn't make sense to a lot of people, but it makes sense to me right now. I've done enough in life. I've paid enough tax," says Mr Quinn.

The 7-litre V12 Engine car produces 820 horsepower -- around the same as a Formula One car. Named after the delta-winged Vulcan bomber, the Aston Martin's wing produces 1300kg of downforce at 300km/h.

Theoretically, that's enough to enable the car to drive upside down.

For all the power, wings and of course value, the Vulcan is not road legal. But Quinn plans to drive it in traffic, with a goal of inviting the other 23 owners to come and 'race' at both of his two New Zealand circuits as he also owns the Hampton Downs track south of Auckland.

He'll drive it for the first time tomorrow, and Newshub will be onboard.


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