Top 3 apps you didn’t think you needed


What apps don't you have on your phone that you need? Newshub's Aziz Al-Sa'afin gives you his top three picks this week.

You're probably reading this very article on your smartphone, and if you're not, I hear Newshub has a great app that you can use to do so.

I spend the majority of my life trying to "app the anti" (sorry dad joke).

It becomes a game, what app can I find today that does it just that much better than the last?

Which is why you shouldn't expect Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to feature on this article other than in this line, because chances are you already have them.

These app picks are designed to be a bit quirky. The kind of apps you didn't think you needed. And the ones that give you more of a sense of productiveness.

So with that let's begin.

Coming in at number one is the app that will cover your video editing needs -- Quik.

Top 3 apps you didn’t think you needed
Top 3 apps you didn’t think you needed

It's created by GoPro (note you don't need one to use this app), and it's changed my video-editing life.

It lets you combine photos and clips, and add transitions, effects, filters, and even text to create videos out of them.

No you don't need to be a seasoned editor. It's super simple to use.

Best part of all, it's available both on Android and iOS and free for a limited time. So go, download!

Coming in at number two is the app for those on the go, Voisi Recorder and Transcriber.

Top 3 apps you didn’t think you needed

As the name suggests, this app will let you record voice notes and will transcribe them into text.

It's perfect for people who simply don't have time to pick up a pen or type on a keyboard.

Top 3 apps you didn’t think you needed
Top 3 apps you didn’t think you needed

Now I know you're thinking how accurate is it? Pretty accurate actually.

The transcription process isn't done by your phone, rather by an algorithm, which runs on a network of Voisi's servers.

Who would have thought we could get anymore lazier? Well you just did.

Finally, just for a bit of fun, everyone loves GIFs. Okay I love GIFs.

That’s why GIPHY KEYS comes at number three. It’s for all your GIF needs (how many times can I get away with saying GIF?)

Top 3 apps you didn’t think you needed

This app is probably one of the easiest and fastest ways to browse and share GIFs in your text messages.

Their team have created a highly-stocked GIF library, in fact there are millions of them!

Cats, movie scenes, and Taylor Swift, all at your GIPHY pleasure.

Best part of all, you don’t have to switch between the app, it automatically appears in your keyboards (at least if you're an Android user) and the rest is GIPHY history.

So go on, download it, make a GIF.

Top 3 apps you didn’t think you needed

If you see any new apps that peak your interest or want more information from the app-obsessed, get at me on Twitter and Instragram - @Azizle, and I’ll get back to you.


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