Taxi Federation won't support Uber protest

Taxi drivers in Christchurch protesting against Uber (Annabelle Tukia)
Taxi drivers in Christchurch protesting against Uber (Annabelle Tukia)

Christchurch taxi drivers are gathering outside local National MP Nicky Wagner's office to protest against Uber, but the New Zealand Taxi Federation is distancing itself from planned protest action.

Many cabbies in New Zealand and abroad have complained that Uber has created an uneven playing field and failed to offer adequate safety measures.

Federation spokesman John Hart doesn't support the protest, but says he's well aware of how drivers feel towards the global taxi brand.

"We're working very much with the Government agencies while we wait for the legislation to emerge in Parliament," he says.

Taxi drivers listening to local MP Nicky Wagner speak at the Christchurch protest (Annabelle Tukia)

Christchurch taxi driver Wayne Branks says anyone off the street can come and drive for Uber.

"They have none of the regulatory costs that the taxis have."

Mr Branks says he wants Uber to work under the same compliance regime and passenger safety rules, otherwise it's "unfair" on taxis.

Around 60 taxi drivers were voicing their concern in Christchurch today.

Local taxi driver Jaspinder Singh says Uber drivers have no previous experience or knowledge of the Christchurch area.

"They jump in the car and they follow the GPS.

"Competition always is welcome but we need a level playing field so it's all the same," he says.


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