Trade Me data shows gender inequality in New Zealand employment


Even though it is 2016, gender inequality is still alive and well in the New Zealand job market.

New data from Trade Me jobs looks at applications from 65,000 roles advertised on the website in April, May and June.

The report highlights the strong relationship between gender and pay bands with few women applying for higher paying jobs.

Trade Me spokesperson Jeremy Wade says the proportion of men applying for roles was higher for every bracket above $40,000.

"We saw this peak for six figure salary roles where the proportion of women applying is just 30 percent."

Trade Me data shows gender inequality in New Zealand employment

This may be partially due to the fact that female dominated industries are typically lower paid.

The top five highest paying jobs are IT related, a sector which is dominated by men. More than 80 percent of applications for IT jobs are male, the same goes for engineering.

Meanwhile in education and office and administration roles, women outweigh men by more than 70 percent. These roles are often on the lower end of the pay scale, but are definitely not the lowest.

Jobs in the public sector, banking and finance, and science and technology are an even split between genders.

But the country's board rooms are still dominated by men with the number of males in executive and general management outweighing females by almost two to one.