Five money tips from a Real Housewife of Auckland

Julia Sloane (File)
Julia Sloane (File)

Real Housewife of Auckland Julia Sloane is about to feature in the flashy reality TV show on Bravo.

But behind that fancy façade is a cautious former money trader who has started and sold one business and is currently building another, called Helping Hands - which places hospitality staff in jobs.

So what are her money tips?

Make money work for you.

"I have managed to make money grow - I have always been cautious, I have been quite frugal and don't get into too much debt," Sloane says.

"What you have, invest. Invest wisely and make it work for you."

Sloane says her time as a money and bond trader taught her to look for good deals, compare different investments and realise what works.

"I am very conservative with money and I am lucky now that I am able to spend money. I have got some extra money to spend, but still at the back of your mind is always looking at prices," she says.

"I think when you grow up being cautious about money, you always have that with you. I mean it's great, it's great now having to look at the price of things - but it's still: is this right, or not?"

"I like the challenge of making money and I work very hard at making money and be very focused, you got to be focused," Sloane says.

"The business I have set up lately is based on a disruptive industry. So do something that's a little bit different from everyone else - don't try to do the same and be cheaper."

Sloane's golden rule in business is learn to work on, not in, the business.

"When I started my first business I was very much hands-on, and I just worked all the hours and I was struggling to do things [and] to make things work," she explains.

"You could hire someone who is so much better than I am. Actually let go, delegate get them to do that work."

Not so much a tip, as a stroke of luck.

Sloane says she's not exactly like what you see in Real Housewives of Auckland, but she does enjoy some of that lifestyle.

"I enjoy the ostentatious side - and I was lucky enough to marry someone who is able to keep me to a certain extent so my lifestyle can be funded by him," she says.

"But my funds can go completely into funding the business. I have got to keep busy - I love the challenge."