Kiwi disability support company eyeing Europe, US

  • 14/08/2016

A New Zealand company recognised internationally for its cutting-edge wheelchair seating and children's mobility equipment is now looking to expand into Europe and the US.

Medifab, the company behind the axial technology designed to provide optimal positioning for clinically complex clients, has won second prize in the Australian Better technology Awards.

The drive behind the product was creating an export product that combines quality engineering with innovation, business development manager Bruce Mascull says.

"It's important for New Zealand companies to recognise the negative perceptions around the Kiwi number-eight wire mentality," he said.

"You can't knock something up in your shed and attempt to sell it to a health market in Europe; it just won't fly."

Mr Mascull said the company did use overseas resources in its products, but it was more efficient to have components produced offshore while keeping the company based in New Zealand and open to global opportunities.

"We're working on creating the right culture and structure to drive our exports. We plan to expand into America and other parts of Europe," he said.