Kiwi start-up MoovMe takes tedium out of moving house


One of the nightmares of moving flat, house or even cities is having to tell everyone your change of address.

But a Christchurch based start-up claims it can do some of that tedious life admin with its just-launched service MoovMe.

Chief Executive Claudia Smith says her company's idea aims to save on the endless hours spent trying to contact every service provider to notify them of your new address.

"There's only so much crappy hold music a person should have to listen to in life: none. So we decided to create MoovMe to make all that a thing of the past."

The service is free, but MoovMe plans to make money from its website by acting as a referrer to other services like furniture movers, and charging those businesses.

Claudia Smith says MoovMe already has more than 100 businesses registered on the platform.

They include major power providers like Mercury, Contact and Meridian, as well as broadband providers Spark and Orcon. There are also banks, insurance companies, city councils and universities registered.

MoovMe says once you sign up and hit notify, that should be all you have to do - unless companies get in touch to make sure you aren't pretending to be someone else.

MoovMe also says it won't on-sell your personal details, with the company only notifying the service providers a customer chooses.

Claudia Smith has a background in the finance world, advising start-ups and creating business plans.

The MoovMe website is her first start-up, and she says it's been a bit of a rollercoaster ride.

"The hardest part has been convincing businesses to create a new process and work with us."

Ms Smith says some companies are actually excited because there is a lot of customer 'churn' when people move, and the easier they make it, the more customers they will retain.

MoovMe is currently only available in New Zealand, but has plans to branch out across the Tasman in the future.