NZ’s most trusted companies among most successful


International brands are dominating the list of New Zealand's most trusted brands, with IT and digital companies taking the top spots.

Ipsos Most Influential Brands study measured 100 brands across the country and ranked them based on their level of influence.

Ipsos New Zealand managing director Diane Dickinson says New Zealanders tend to prefer brands that benefit them or their image.

"When it comes to which brand is most trustworthy, or is the most innovative, or is most engaging, the answer can be a very personal one," she said.

"We increasingly identify with, relate to and even define ourselves by them, which gives brands something we can measure - influence."

She says local brands are doing well because Kiwis gravitate towards homegrown businesses.

"In a global market, locals continue to exert influence. Local brands can dominate in terms of strong corporate citizenship, service and grassroots support. This continues to be a key path to influence."

1. Google topped the list for the second year running. The search engine, which handles 100 billion searches per month, is holding its place not only the most popular but also the most trustworthy. 


2. Facebook came in second. With 2.5 million users across the country every month, more than half of the population visit the social networking website regularly. Of those, more than two million users log on to Facebook each day, with the average user visiting 14 times in 24 hours. 


3. Microsoft

4. Apple

5. Trade Me is the top New Zealand company to feature on the list. According to Nielsen Online, 738,444 people visit the online marketplace every day on average. With roughly 3.5 million listings at any given time, New Zealanders have said they trust Trade Me to buy or sell everything (including the kitchen sink). 

6. Visa

7. Youtube

8. Pak'n'save is a new listing to the rankings in 2016. The supermarket chain has cashed in on their "Our policy: New Zealand's lowest food prices". As well as groceries, Pak'n'Save is providing Kiwis with fuel, budgeting tips and meal ideas.

9. New Zealand-owned The Warehouse was started by Stephen Tendall in 1982. Since then, the chain has grown dramatically in size now with 92 stores.

10. Air New Zealand - our national carrier. It is understandable that if people can trust a captain to fly a plane thousands of metres above ground, they can also trust the brand as a whole.