Semi-Permanent Auckland hosts big business names

Semi-Permanent Auckland hosts big business names

Ever wondered about the art of social media? Or the thought process behind big brand marketing? Well, you might want to head down to Aotea Centre in Auckland where a gathering is being held, with business and design coaching the main draw card.

Semi-Permanent will host big business names like Australia's head of account management at Twitter, the co-founder of a London-based graphic thought facility and San Francisco-based experience design manager for Airbnb. And that's only to name a few.

They'll be there to speak and hold workshops.

But that's not all the event is about. In fact, anything that could be lumped under the category 'creative' would be at home.

A poetry reading is to be held as well as film screenings and a panel discussion.

"Semi-Permanent evolves as the world evolves," says organiser, Simon Velvin.

Two day and general admission basic tickets are now sold out. General admission extra and one day tickets are still available.

Details can be found on the Semi-Permanent website.