Crazy inventions like the FaceCradle making long-haul travel more comfortable


Long-haul travel can be a bit of a drag, so inventors have come up with a host of unusual contraptions which aim to make travel more bearable.

The Australian-designed FaceCradle is one which has taken the internet by storm.

Its popularity soared on crowdfunding website Kickstarter after raising more than 10 times its target just five days after launching.

One of the more contentious inventions is the Knee Defender - a pair of plastic clips which attaches to an airplane seat in front of you, to stop the person reclining their seat.

The product caused turbulence in the United States after instigating mid-air arguments between passengers, with many airlines prohibiting them.

Finally, if you're not a fan of check-in baggage, the luggage coat is for you.  It keeps your hands free and saves money on check-in fees by storing your belongings on you.


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