5 things you need to know about money before you're 25


Finances can be daunting as you get older, so here are some things we recommend you do or learn before you're 25.

Each dollar you save goes to work, earning more dollars. Then those new recruits, in turn, earn more dollars still. The same applies to dividends from shares.

From the age of 18 you'll get a matching contribution of 3 percent from your employer and up to $521 a year free from the Government if you contribute a minimum of $1042 every 12 months.

Just like your savings compound, so too does debt. It is really easy to get into trouble with debt.

If you're struggling there is free and confidential help from The New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services.

Every time you borrow money on a credit card, for a mortgage, car finance, or a hire purchase it goes on your credit record. Even things like electricity, gas and phone bills can have an impact.

No one expects the unexpected, but when it does knock on the door, be ready.

Ideally put away enough that would cover three months of regular expenses.