Don't count on winning Lotto to fund your retirement

(Newshub. / file)
(Newshub. / file)

In the US, polls have found a whopping 21 percent of people count on winning the lottery in their retirement plan, and 12 percent of Canadians.

It's not that bad in New Zealand, but it has been revealed only 11 percent of us actually know how much is needed for the basic essentials during our golden years.

To cover 25 years of retirement, you'll need a weekly income of $489.77, or a lump sum of $136,513 and your NZ Super.

If you haven't started saving, are working full-time and don't have KiwiSaver, here's the minimum amount on average you should be stashing away each week: 

Experts say if you aim to grow your KiwiSaver to between $300,000 and $450,000 you won't find yourself short for cash when you may just need it most.


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