Don't want to queue for an iPhone 7? A robot can do it

Robots lining up on Queen St (Erin Speedy / Newshub.)
Robots lining up on Queen St (Erin Speedy / Newshub.)

One hundred robots are lining up outside New Zealand tech stores on Friday morning for the iPhone 7 launch, saving their human overlords from the pain of queuing.

Around 40 robots are dancing outside Auckland's Queen St Spark store with the faces of lucky buyers displayed on the front. The buyers can tune in to the launch through a live stream function in the robots.

Across the road, around 40 people are physically lining up in front of the Vodafone shop, hoping to get their hands on the limited iPhone 7.

Spark's general marketing manager Clive Ormerod says the robots are holding the places in line for some of their most valued customers who upgrade their iPhones every year.

Among the faces displayed on the robots are the likes of local tech gurus Steve Dunstan, Michelle Dickinson aka Nanogirl, Kris Fox and Remix's Steven Fernandez.


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