Guilty plea after shop's Christmas disappointment

  • 28/09/2016

An Auckland mobile shop that failed to deliver its Christmas specials in time for the holidays has pleaded guilty to misleading customers.

Electronics seller Sales Concepts has pleaded guilty to 10 charges in the Auckland District Court over promises its North Island door-to-door sellers made in the lead-up to Christmas.

The Commerce Commission said the company had offered 'Christmas deal bundles' to customers worth between $599 and $1599, with customers expecting to get the packs in time for Christmas if they kept up with monthly payments.

But shoppers later realised the packs would only arrive when a certain number of payments were made.

The watchdog said the company had also incorrectly told customers the products were made in New Zealand, and wasn't clear about the total price, the inclusion of delivery fees and cancellation rights.

Some of the contracts were "not dated, had illegible handwritten contractual terms or unclear descriptions of the goods to be provided," it said.

As part of an earlier deal with the commission, the company had to contact customers offering them full refunds, or let them keep paying with the clarification the goods would arrive when enough of the bill was covered.