Indian restaurant ordered to pay ex-employee

  • 06/09/2016
Curry Pot says it only owed the employee $750 (Getty)
Curry Pot says it only owed the employee $750 (Getty)

A group representing migrant workers is highlighting the latest case of abuse in the restaurant industry.

Indian restaurant Curry Pot on Lincoln in Christchurch has been ordered to pay a former employee more than $42,000, after the Employment Relations Authority found she'd not only paid nearly $15,000 to get the job, but also been underpaid.

Anu Kaloti from the Migrant Workers Association says it's another case of a person not knowing their rights.

"Most of these workers are not unionised. They don't realise there's a collective out there they need to join so their voices can be heard."

Curry Pot says it only owed the employee $750, disputing the hours she worked and denying charging her for the job.

Ms Kaloti says most migrants are obliging and compliant, which allows them to be easily exploited.

"They're just focused on their own circumstances, their own situation, so they end up doing whatever it takes to make a go of things here."

She urges all migrant workers to join unions so they have back up and support to help them.