Unique penis moulds up for grabs on Trade Me

(Trade Me)
(Trade Me)

Warning: This article contains explicit images.

Novelty soap and chocolate makers should be overjoyed - a new mould set has gone up for sale on Trade Me, and the seller reckons they're the only ones in the country.

Diane Callanan designed the moulds herself, modelled by a man, and created 10 identical ones around 20 years ago.

She says so far, they've only been used to create soap - but they could be used to make penis-shaped candies.

"I never actually got around to making chocolate," Ms Callanan says.

Part of the issue is the size of them - "quite big", which means it takes a fair amount of chocolate to fill up.

It got too expensive, so Ms Callanan stuck to soap.

Unique penis moulds up for grabs on Trade Me

Twenty years ago, sex parties were quite popular, she says - which is why these unique moulds were created.

But since then they've petered out.

"That rage has gone - people aren't going to sex parties anymore," Ms Callanan says.

She hopes they'll sell to someone who'll see the novelty factor in the moulds.

"Whoever gets it, gets it."


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