Wellington to Aucklanders: Come on down!

  • 07/09/2016
What $1m can get you in Wellington (RealEstate.co.nz)
What $1m can get you in Wellington (RealEstate.co.nz)

The call for Aucklanders to move to Wellington has been put out as our largest city's average house price skyrockets.

The latest Quotable Value figures show the average house price in the Auckland region is now $1,013,632.

According to the CEO of the capital's Regional Economic Development Agency, Chris Whelan, it's a no-brainer.

"The median house price [in Wellington] is $536,000 - for the price of an apartment in Auckland, you can buy a house in Wellington," he says.

And with a higher median salary in the capital, $79,000 compared to $64,000, Mr Whelan says not only could you get a better place to live but also a better quality of life.

"I think the reality is that Auckland is a more expensive city. Cost of living is lower [in Wellington], it's a great place to live, we've got fantastic jobs.

"I think the more Aucklanders come down here, the better it is for us."

Mr Whelan says around 7000 jobs were created in Wellington in the last year - above the national average.