How real-time data technology is transforming the insurance industry

Real-time changes to risk premiums could be on the way
Real-time changes to risk premiums could be on the way

An insurance expert believes developments in technology will transform the insurance industry.

Massey University economics researcher Michael Naylor thins all insured objects will soon give constant, real-time feedback to the insurer's data centre.

Dr Naylor says that will make it easier to predict people's risk for insurance purposes.

"Insurance will change from the product that is sold once to an ongoing, database service in which the consumer has an ongoing involvement with the insurer."

He says this will have real-time changes to risk premiums.

The car insurance industry could be the first to be transformed by the new technologies.  

"They'll know if you accelerate hard or go around the corners fast, or if you're good," says Dr Naylor.

Of course the new technology may cause ethical issues around privacy and trusting insurers.

"The insurance companies are going to get a huge amount of real-time data about you, so do you trust the insurer to know everything about you?"