Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in New Zealand explodes

(Getty / file)
(Getty / file)

Spark is investigating after reports a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire in New Zealand on Tuesday.

It's believed to be the first such incident in New Zealand.

The communications company says a customer told them their device overheated and subsequently caught fire.

"The phone was brought in-store this afternoon and we immediately arranged for it to be sent to Samsung," says chief executive Jason Paris.

"We've been talking with the customer and have confirmation that he is safe, unharmed and that there has been no damage to any physical property."

Spark and Vodafone both pulled their sales of their phones earlier on Tuesday after reports of phones catching fire overseas.

Both companies initially offered a replacement program for owners of the phone, where they could trade in the affected model for a new one. Then came reports of the supposed 'safe' phones combusting overseas.

"The safety of our customers is the most important factor here and we have paused the replacement programme," Vodafone said in a statement.

Spark, which has also cancelled its replacement program, says owners of the phone can get a full refund of both original and replacement phones. It's also offered a refund on any Note 7 accessories purchased from Spark.

It's not yet known if the phone which caught on fire in New Zealand was an original or a replacement.