Samsung tells Galaxy Note 7 users to turn off phone immediately


Samsung has issued an alert to owners of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, telling them to turn them off immediately.

Samsung said in a statement it will "ask all carrier and retail partners globally to stop sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note 7" while it investigates the cause of the fires.

"Consumers with either an original Galaxy Note 7 or replacement Galaxy Note 7 device should power down and stop using the device," the company said.

The tech giant has now paused production of the flagship device, after the release of the model, and its replacement, kept catching fire with a battery fault.

Gorilla Technology chief executive Paul Spain says Samsung's ongoing troubles could seriously damage the Korean brand.

"I think this creates a lot of questions now around the quality and the safety of Samsung's products."

Both Spark and Vodafone have also suspended their replacement programmes for the device.

Vodafone stopped selling the flagship phones when the first reports of problems came in, and have now stopped giving out replacement devices.

"The safety of our customers is the most important factor here and we have paused the replacement programme," the company said in a statement.

"If any customer is concerned about their device, they should turn it off immediately and take it to the closest Vodafone store."

Spark has also halted its replacement programme.