Sneak peek at Google's new Pixel phones

Sneak peek at Google's new Pixel phones

Details of Google's first self-branded phones have leaked, giving fans a preview of how the company intends to take on Samsung and Apple directly.

The Pixel and the Pixel XL were briefly listed on the website of British retailer Carphone Warehouse, revealing they'll run on Android 7.1, have a 12.3-megapixel camera and either 32GB or 128GB of storage.

The standard size will have a five-inch HD display, and the XL 5.5 inches.

Both will have fingerprint sensors and run the "most pure" version of Android available, without add-ons other manufacturers are often criticised for loading their devices with. They'll come with Google's own Duo app, "a simple video calling app for Android & iOS that brings you face-to-face with just a tap".

Sneak peek at Google's new Pixel phones

Google's Pixel phone (Carphone Warehouse / Google)

Buyers will also get unlimited full resolution storage on Google Photos.

The battery will last for up to 32 hours of talking on the standard and 26 on the XL. Just 15 minutes of charge will give users up to seven hours of battery life.

Both come with a 2.15GHz quad core processor and 4GB of RAM, and can handle up to 256GB of expandable memory.

The phones are unlikely to be made by Google themselves, with HTC the expected manufacturer. But unlike its previous range of 'pure' Android phones - the Nexus range, made by LG and Huawei - HTC's name won't appear on the device at all.

Sneak peek at Google's new Pixel phones

Promotional image for the new Pixel phone (Carphone Warehouse / Google)

The phones displayed on Carphone Warehouse's website were white, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Apple's iPhone 6 range, but without the home button.

Unlike the iPhone 7, the Pixel phones do have a headphone jack.

The phones are set to be revealed at a Google event tomorrow morning (NZ time). A new operating system, believed to be called Andromeda, is also tipped.