Some famous fictional residences cheaper than an Auckland home

The mansion from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Supplied)
The mansion from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Supplied)

If you have the cash to be house-hunting around Auckland's million-dollar suburbs, you might want to check out some famous international (mostly fictional) residences for about the same price.

UK consumer group Which? has created an estimated price guide for some of the most iconic homes from film, TV and literature, including the apartment from Friends, Harry Potter's little closet under the stairs, and the Sopranos' family home.

However the winner in terms of historic beauty and affordability would have to be Forrest Gump's house in Greenbow, Alabama with an estimated price of £311,000 (NZ$546,000).

The two-storey pre-civil war building is surrounded by willow trees and, according to the film, was briefly the home of Elvis Presley.

The most expensive house on the list is the Long Island, New York mansion belonging to the mysterious protagonist of Baz Luhrman's film, The Great Gatsby.

Within 30 minutes of Manhattan's Penn Station, the opulent property is estimated at a cool £77.7 million (NZ$136 million).

In comparison, the average Auckland house price topped $1 million earlier this year.