Video: The moment a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catches fire

Video: The moment a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catches fire

We've all seen the photos - the charred remains of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after its battery caught fire, but ever wondered how quickly it can happen?

After numerous recounts of phones having catastrophic meltdowns, video has emerged of one such incident in Hawaii during the weekend.

The video shows Dee DeCasa walking into her living room in Kalihi as a plume of smoke bellows from her phone.

She told TV news station KHON2 she was checking emails on her phone when it spontaneously combusted in her hands.

"The thing just popped and then smoke started coming out," she said.

In the video, she's seen approaching her husband as he lies on the couch before heading toward the kitchen.

"Smoke was shooting out, smoke was spraying out. It wasn't just coming off it, it was literally spraying out," she recalled.

Neither of Ms DeCasa or her husband were injured.

Ms DeCasa's story is similar to many across the world, including New Zealand.

Spark is investigating the first reported case of the phone catching fire after overheating.

Both Spark and Vodafone have pulled sales of the phone in New Zealand and have offered replacements for owners.

Samsung has issued a worldwide recall for the product and has also stopped making it.

It's thought the Korean company's biggest recall could cost them as much as $24 billion.