Boxing Day shoppers set spending record

  • 27/12/2016
Boxing Day sales shopping
The biggest growth compared to last year was seen in Taranaki and Bay of Plenty (Getty file)

New Zealand Boxing Day shoppers have spent a record $152.7 million, according to a supplier of electronic payment terminals.

The spend was 1.9 percent up on last year, according to Paymark, which says it supplies terminals accounting for 75 percent of all payments in New Zealand.

Shoppers spent the most in Auckland and Northland at $63.8m with Wellington the next closest at $13.3m.

However, the biggest growth in spending this Boxing Day compared to last year was in Taranaki with a 7.3 percent jump and the Bay of Plenty with a 5 percent increase.

Spending on Christmas Day reached $247.1m, but shoppers dipped deepest into their pockets on December 23 with $306.2 million transacted through the Paymark network.

The Boxing Day sales follow a period of strong spending growth before Christmas Day, Paymark says.

Total spending through its network in the 21 days ending December 24 was $4.449 billion.