Original Shapes flavours to make triumphant return

The nation has spoken and the cracker company has crumbled (file)
The nation has spoken and the cracker company has crumbled (file)

Rejoice, Shapes lovers - the old barbeque and pizza flavours are coming back to New Zealand.

The roll-out of Arnott's new flavours earlier this year was met with general disgust and fury.

"My kid won't even eat them," one angry Kiwi wrote on Facebook. "My daughter can't even give away the snack packs to her friends at school so that's saying something.

"Surely the nation has spoken by now?"

The company cracked under the pressure and reinstated the old recipe in Australia in September - but not in New Zealand, because we 'didn't complain enough'.

Jessica Williams was crackers about the crackers and was one of many starting a petition to try and bring back the old flavours.

The new ones "tasted like sadness", she told Fairfax Media.

Now, the nation has indeed spoken.

"Original BBQ and Pizza flavours will return to multipack and box packs (from March next year)," Arnott's said on Friday.

At the moment, it's only the barbeque and pizza flavours which will be returning, but the company says it's still monitoring the Shapes range and listening to feedback.

Just on Monday Arnott's was still denying the old recipe would make a comeback, posting on Facebook: "There are currently no plans to revive the original flavours in New Zealand."