Ship to shore power explored at Auckland

  • 24/12/2016
Ship to shore power explored at Auckland

Ports of Auckland wants to hook cruise ships up to the national grid.

Currently ships in port need to keep their generators running to supply on-board power.

The port based in Auckland's central business district says it has commissioned a feasibility study to look at alternative methods for powering cruise ships when in port.

The main alternative being studied is powering ships from the national grid, known as shore power.

The study will also consider a range of alternatives including LNG or methanol-powered barges to generate ship's power, and the use of low-sulphur fuels to reduce emissions.

By providing shore-based power, Ports of Auckland would be able to reduce locally generated emissions and shipping's carbon footprint, supporting Auckland Council's carbon reduction goals.

The study is due to be completed by April 2017.

It comes as the 168,666-tonne Ovation of the Seas visits New Zealand. It's the largest cruise liner to come to New Zealand and is currently in Wellington before heading to Tauranga and Auckland. It can carry about 4905 passengers and 1500 crew.

During the 1998 Auckland power crisis when the central city was without power for five weeks temporary power was supplied to the port by the Union Rotorua, a gas turbine powered cargo ship.