Taiwan wants more trade with NZ

Taiwanese officials want to expand a free trade agreement they've had with New Zealand since 2013.

Taiwan has just introduced its new 'Southbound Policy', aimed at fostering stronger relations with 18 southeast Asian countries, including New Zealand.

At The White Rabbit (TWR) Entertainment's Taipei headquarters they're busy putting the finishing touches on some big budget Chinese films.

"Most of our work is from Beijing or local Taiwan at the moment," says TWR head of production Chishan Liu.

Mr Liu says his post-production and visual effects specialists would ultimately like to co-produce a film with a New Zealand company. That's why they're welcoming the Taiwanese government's announcement.

"I think for a business partner, working with New Zealand people would be something we'd definitely be looking forward to."

Officials in Taiwan say New Zealand and Taiwan have complementary economies. They believe resources and information could be shared in healthcare, culture, tourism, technology and agriculture.

Venture Capital Fund manager Larry Huang worked for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise for 15 years. He says New Zealand agricultural products, such as beef and wine, are highly regarded in Taiwan.

"The Taiwanese government is looking for other opportunities, more science collaborations, technology transfers - even [intellectual property] sharing - those kind of things," he says.

It's an initiative that's got the full support from TWR, a company with global ambitions.