Trade Me's bizarre most-viewed list of 2016

  • 30/12/2016
Trade Me taxidermy cat purse
The taxidermy cat purse (Trade Me)

A butt tattoo, an erotic eggplant, Cinderella's pumpkin and a ghetto blaster boombox collection are just some of the weird and wacky things Kiwis have tried to sell online this year.

But those items almost seem normal next to a taxidermy cat purse, a chair claimed responsible for three pregnancies and $48,000 of debt going for the bargain price of just $1.

Despite being quite a controversial sale, clocking up 160 complaints, a taxidermy cat purse sold for $545.

"We understand that some people find this sort of thing a bit gross or in poor taste, but we allow taxidermy items to be sold on Trade Me and the seller assured us this cat was not killed for the bag and that she had the right to own the cat," Trade Me's Logan Mudge said.

"On the other side of the coin lots of people thought it was cool and interesting and it found a new home with a very keen buyer."

The number one most viewed item of the year was advertised simply as "YOUR tattoo on MY butt", which attracted more than 153,000 views.

Wellington woman Bailey Price will fly to Miami next year to have a rainbow tattooed on her behind after a man paid $6500 for the 9cm square canvas.

A GoPro retrieved from a tiger at Auckland Zoo sold for $455 while a Bay of Plenty church advertised for just $1 managed to sell for $11,100.

The top 10 most viewed items on Trade Me in 2016:

  1. Your tattoo on my bautt (sic) - $6500
  2. Ultimate Sleep Out/Studio - $29,100
  3. A "rare" potato (shaped like a behind) - $9.50
  4. Taiaha c1750-1950 King Tawhiao - did not sell
  5. Cinderella pumpkin - $1810
  6. Real glamour puss purse - $545
  7. Ghetto blaster boombox collection - did not sell
  8. Erotic eggplant - $115
  9. Sledge hammer (claimed to be used by a Ngaruawahia gang leader against P dealers) - did not sell
  10. Buy a date with us - $400

Honourable Mentions

  • Church for $1 - $11,100
  • Carpet portrait of John Key - $89
  • Chair allegedly responsible for three pregancies - $51
  • $48,000 debt for sale $1 - did not sell