Twitter to let tweets be edited

  • 30/12/2016
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United States President-elect and avid tweeter Donald Trump will be happy to hear that Twitter is planning to let users edit their posts in the future.

Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey has said that Twitter is "thinking a lot about" bringing editing functionality to tweets, and then went on to say that "a form of edit" was needed.

It comes two weeks after Mr Trump said blasted China on Twitter for what he called an "unpresidented" act. The tweet was deleted over an hour later and a new tweet appeared saying "unprecedented".

Mr Dorsey made the remarks on Twitter as part of a kind of impromptu public town hall with Twitter users, asking them for feedback on how to improve the service.

The request for an edit button for tweets came up multiple times, and Mr Dorsey seemed to signal that the company is gearing towards a time-limited window to allow for the correction of typos right after a tweet was sent.

Allowing users to edit tweets they sent hours or days after the fact would lead to a more complicated solution, Mr Dorsey argued, including the need for a change log to give users the ability to review different versions of the same tweet.

Users also repeatedly asked Mr Dorsey to step up Twitter's fight against hate and harassment, which has been a major point of contention in the past.

Twitter has long sided with free speech advocates, and users frequently complained that violations of the company's terms of service weren't being dealt with.

However, this year, Twitter did boot some high-profile right-wing extremists off its platform.

Mr Dorsey said on Thursday that bringing more transparency to these efforts was a "big priority" for Twitter.

Mr Dorsey also talked about some other upcoming product changes.

Some of the features he endorsed as needed included easier digestible tweet storms and better threading of conversations.

Mr Dorsey also said that the company is working on customised breaking news alerts and better direct messaging.

He added that Twitter's team had been thinking about bookmarking functionality for tweets as well.

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