Farmers dreading dry, windy weather

  • 09/01/2017
Sheep on a dry farm (Getty)
Wind ruined the recent rain for Waikato farmers (Getty)

Farmers are preparing for the worst in 2017 with dry weather on the way.

Hot weather combined with wind has made for less-than-favourable conditions for farmers around the country.

"We had the rain last week, and as soon as we got the rain the soil was very moist," says Federated Farmers Waikato president Chris Lewis.

"Then we had two days of wind and it just ripped out all the moisture."

As long as it doesn't last too long, Mr Lewis says Kiwi farmers are ready for a bit of dry weather.

"With any dry that comes about these days, farmers are well-prepared. Whatever gets chucked at us, we'll deal with it."

But when the droughts are prolonged, that's when the going gets really tough.

"Most farmers have plans in place to deal with dry weather, but when it continues for months and months, then it becomes a problem."

Some parts of the country are better than others. Canterbury's already almost reached its usual amount of rainfall for the whole of January.

"It's a nice surprise," said farmer Dan Maxwell.

"I certainly didn't expect it, not this much. To have thunder and lightning the other night and woke up to 20 millilitres, it was more than welcome."