Disney researchers create 'wireless power' room

  • 23/02/2017

A little-known research team from film company Disney has come up with a way to power any device wirelessly within four walls.

At this point it only works within a very specific set of walls that they have constructed, which are tailor-made for wireless powering.

But it remains an impressive feat to automatically charge devices like your phone or laptop as soon as you set foot in the room.

The technology is not new - in fact, physicist Nikola Tesla had a very similar idea more than 100 years ago, and concept of providing wireless power across the world was the inspiration for Disney's project.

The room produces about 1900 watts of power at an efficiency of anywhere between 40 and 95 percent, depending on where devices are within the room.

But there are some caveats which mean it wouldn't be easy to recreate the technology at home.

One is that the walls themselves must be made of aluminium panels and a copper pipe must be positioned in the very centre with capacitors placed in the middle of it - all of which is very expensive and not very visually appealling.

The 1900 watts of power in the room is also a lot of energy for the human body to absorb, and can be dangerous if other devices in the room are not using the energy themselves.

The project's team leader says while they have only conducted experiments on a room-sized scale, there is no reason they wouldn't be able to scale it down for some sort of "charging chest", or up for a warehouse or other large building.