The app that can break up your relationship

An app that prides itself on helping you get things done has now shifted its focus to helping you tick off the least desirable point on your to-do list - ending your relationship.

Dunzo allows users to cast off the responsibility of time-consuming activities like food shopping, delivering parcels and car servicing onto Dunzo employees for a fee.

And while that's likely to take a weight off a lot of busy people, the feature that's raising the most eyebrows and proving most popular with potential users is that the company has absolutely no issue breaking up with your significant other for you.

Dunzo founder Kabeer Biswas says as well as carrying out the difficult task of actually ending the relationship, employees will also organise for you to get things you own back from your new ex-partner.

"Relationships are changing. Our consumers get all their tasks done via Dunzo because they have no time. When life's that constrained, shouldn't there be a more efficient way of cutting losses and moving on?" Mr Biswas told Buzzfeed.

"We are not suggesting being curt. Chat it out, address why it's happening and then don't deal with the further awkwardness of getting your stuff back.

"All we want to do is make the logistics of emotions simpler."

The app is currently only available in the south Indian city of Bangalore, but there are plans for it to go global.