McFilthy: Sydney restaurant fined

The Stanmore outlet was hit with a $24,000 fine (Getty)
The Stanmore outlet was hit with a $24,000 fine (Getty)

A number of New South Wales McDonald's restaurants have been found to be plagued by pests, bad food practices and just plain filthy.

The stores, the worst of which is Sydney's inner-city Stanmore outlet, were hit with large fines by the NSW Food Authority, The Daily Telegraph reports.

McDonald's called the findings "very disappointing" and said it took immediate action to stop it happening again.

The Stanmore outlet was brought before the courts and fined AU$24,000 (NZ$25,600) after investigators found the mess in September last year.

But the Stanmore store was by no means alone. The global chain's Parramatta Rd outlet had dirt, grease and food waste all over the kitchen floors, walls and food storage areas.

Investigators found a build-up of bacteria in the hot pie dispenser, blender and beverage machines, while cutlery was kept in dirty containers.

The food was also exposed to possible contamination after construction dust and paint flakes were found in the kitchen.

Other outlets were cited for using out-of-date food, failing to get rid of pests, dirty equipment and failing to prevent food from the likelihood of contamination.

"These instances are obviously very disappointing. It is unacceptable and inconsistent with our track record when it comes to restaurant cleanliness," a McDonald's spokeswoman told the paper.

"We took immediate action to address these with the restaurants involved and to prevent any recurrence. Crew members have been retrained, we are conducting more regular audits and have reinforced our procedures."