Real estate agent Tim Webb hits all the right notes

Auckland's singing real estate agent is hoping his latest release will be a top seller.

Barfoot & Thompson agent Tim Webb is a keen musician who has found a way to combine his passion with his day job, making music videos to sell his clients' homes.

His new song, 'Kiwi Livin' Quarter Acre Paradise' is a "poppy-reggae-country" ditty about a "lady for sale on the Westie side" - also known as a four-bedroom, two-bathroom property in the west Auckland suburb of Glen Eden.

In the video, Mr Webb takes viewers on a musical tour of the house, showcasing its open-plan living, polished wood floors and swimming pool.

"Make it your dream home," he sings, as he suggestively shows off a freshly painted doorframe.

"She really is the shizz."

Tim Webb singing real estate agent
Real estate agent Tim Webb stars in 'Kiwi Livin' Quarter Acre Paradise' (Supplied)

Mr Webb wrote the lyrics and basic tune himself, but the arrangement got some top-notch treatment from a Grammy-nominated producer based in Alabama (he's reluctant to divulge their identity).

'Kiwi Livin' Quarter Acre Paradise' is Mr Webb's second "rock star home". His first foray into music marketing was in May last year with a Blues Brothers-inspired video to sell a house in Howick.

He estimates spending 20-30 hours on each video, but says it's absolutely worth it.

"The first one I did got 10 times the attention [it would otherwise have], easily."

As well as gaining him notoriety on the web, Mr Webb says the unique approach markets the property to people who might not otherwise have been looking for that particular kind of place.

"The marketing space in real estate is so crowded and it's giving attention to properties that really in my mind deserve the recognition for what they are."

Getting the musical treatment comes at no extra cost to Mr Webb's clients - they simply pay the standard $300-$400 cost of a property marketing video, and he takes care of the rest.

He says he probably spends another $300-$400 on top of that in production and filming costs, but easily recoups that in commission from the property sale.

When he's not busy selling houses with a song, Mr Webb plays in a covers band, fittingly called The House Band. The group was formed primarily as a community service to clubs and organisations who want a free band to play at fundraising events.