Trade Me to give refunds

  • 07/02/2017
The maximum refund is $2500. (File)

If a Trade Me deal goes dodgy and your seller falls short, then we can guarantee this is some good news for you.

The online auction site has made a "money back" promise to buyers and, from February 21, if users don't receive an item they've won or if it's unsatisfactory, Trade Me is offering a complete refund. 

Trade Me's head of marketplace Stuart McLean said the new "safety net" is a free service for both new and old items and will appear on 80 per cent of Trade Me marketplace listings. 

"If the sale isn't fair we'll refund the buyer and take the money off the seller and Trade Me will deal with the seller on the buyer's behalf." 

The maximum refund claim is $2500 and it applies to the general items Marketplace, with a few exceptions such as the pets and animals category.

Mr McLean said the impact on sellers was expected to be minimal as good sellers are "already experts" at resolving issues quickly if they arise. 

"Most sellers won't hear from us, but we'll be in touch with any sellers who do have an issue. If they can't resolve the hiccup with the buyer, we'll investigate and ultimately will refund the transaction if required," he said.